CEMPROC aims to reduce destructive conflict and promote global peace, with a special interest in the education and the preventative field.


  • Promote mediation and other peaceful methods of conflict resolution. 

  • Provide training in conflict resolution skills.

  • Train leaders as successful mediators and peacemakers within their areas of influence.

  • Foster studies on conflict and its potential constructive solutions.

  • Support programs that promote community development and reduce poverty levels.


  •  Train children, adults, community leaders and organizations in peaceful conflict resolution, negotiation and mediation.

  •  Provide educational programs on conflict, peace, justice and non-violence.

  •  Prepare written material on peaceful conflict resolution.

  •  Provide information and/or technical assistance to organizations, companies or governments.

  •  Support and conduct research, analysis and public deliberation on conflicts, their sources and resolution.

  •  Provide mediation services.

  • Support programs to reduce poverty as a root of social conflict.



We create leaders committed to peace


We create leaders committed to peace

Our Team at Cemproc

We work as a legacy to leave our children a more just and peaceful world.


International Directory:

President: Scott Hitch
Vice-President: Eduardo Stevens
Internationl Executive Director: Jeff Pugh   
Treasurer: Kathie Stasko
Secretary: Chuck Pugh

Directory in Ecuador:

President: Jeff Pugh
Vice-President: Roberto Contreras
Internationl Executive Director: Omar Rodríguez
Treasurer: Jack Rodrígez
Secretary: Diana Palacios


Jeff Pugh (Ph.D de la Universidad Johns Hopkins, 2010)

Jeff is the International Executive Director of CEMPROC, is a research professor at the University of Massachusetts (Boston) in the Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security and Global Governance. His research focuses on peace and international conflicts, including human security in refugee communities, peace processes, environmental policies, and social movements in Latin America. He has published articles in several international journals. He received the Martz Prize for best paper and the Street Prize for the best article recognized by the Mid-Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies (MACLAS), and his doctoral thesis won the prize for the best postgraduate thesis recognized by the Association of Peace Studies and Justice of the USA. He is currently a Fulbright US scholar affiliated with FLACSO-Sede Ecuador. Since 2003, he has served as the International Executive Director of the Center for Mediation, Peace and Conflict Resolution (CEMPROC). He is the former president of the Mid-Atlantic Council of Latin American Studies (MACLAS).  

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Omar Rodriguez

Omar has been the director of CEMPROC Ecuador since 2010. He is a facilitator in human development and conflict mediator certified by the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE). He has trained more than 2,500 adults and children in Quito and other provinces of Ecuador, and has been interviewed several times on radio and television on the issues of school violence and conflict management. He is currently leading the "Growing in Peace" project whose goal is to foster a culture of peace in school and at home.

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Our beloved interns:


Karoline Popp

Karoline Popp  was born in Germany and was the program intern for CEMPROC in Ecuador.  Karoline completed high school at the United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) in Singapore,  an international school dedicated to promote peace and understanding among young people from a wide spectrum of cultural backgrounds. Karoline studied Geography at Oxford University (UK), attaining a first class degree and the top mark of her year in 2006. She currently works in the International Organization for Migration (IOM). 



Kristen McCaskey  was Program Assitant at CEMPROC in Ecuador while she was studying her master's in Conflict Transformation at the School for International Training. She also worked managing the cases of refugees and human trafficking victims in her hometown, Philadelphia. Kristen obtained her bachelor's degree in Psychology and Spanish at Goucher College. Her professional goal is to be an agent for social justice and peacebuilding. 



Emily Ginsberg is from the U.S., she was Program Assistant at CEMPROC in 2009. She was part of the team to train leaders from SEK High School in conflict management and resolution.  



Casey Morrison was born in England, he was Program and Development Assistant  in 2009. Casey supported the development of  workshops on conflict resolution for young leades of SEK High School, and researched international support options for CEMPROC's programs.  

Lana Balyk web.png


Lana Balyk was born in Canada and was our Program Assistant in 2011. She was part of the team to train the Peace Promoters of the FAE No. 1 school and also supported the research about bullying  prevention. Together with Jeff Pugh, she developed the document "Governance Networks Fostering Peace and Human Security among Ecuadorians and Colombian Forced Migrants".


Julie Moreno is Colombian-Canadian and was part of the CEMPROC team in 2015- 2016. She participated in the "Conflict Transformation Beyond Borders 2015" summer institute and supported the Peace Promoters training process. Julie was also part of the research team for the preparation of the document "Redes de Migrantes y Refugiados en Ecuador: Un Estudio De Quito, Lago Agrio, y Esmeraldas", ellaborated by Jeff Pugh. 

Tatiana Fontalvo web.png


Tatiana Fontalvo was born in the U.S. and was our Program Assistant from September to December 2016. She graduated from the Boston-Massachusetts Northeastern University in graphic design. She developed the new CEMPROC web page, made infographics about bullying and improved the graphic part of our projects. Tatiana also participated in the "Growing in Peace" project at the Estado de Israel school.    


Alexandra Visser

Alexandra Visser took care of the advertising and communication network of CEMPROC. During her first year at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands) she obtained a diploma in Roman Languages and Culture. Later, she pursued a career in International Relations. She also has a master's degree in International Relations, with specialization in Identity, Culture and Development. 



Jeffrey Akomah was born in Canada and supported CEMPROC's programs in Ecuador in 2007, before obtaining his bachelor's degree in Religious Studies and Political Science. Jeffrey worked as Community Development Officer in the Pomacanchi village, Cuzco, Peru, and also served as a facilitator in the rehabilitation of young offenders in the urban center of Cuzco. 

Dan Smith.png


Dan Smith supported CEMPROC's training programs in 2009 and created a game for children based on conflict management. He lives in the U.S. 

Rachel K. web.png


Rachel Koepsel was Program and Research Assitant, especially  in the area of bullying, for the development of our "Growing in Peace" program. She was also part of the Study Abroad 2011 staff, where the students enjoyed her kindness and collaboration.  

Sergi Cardona 3.png


Sergi Cardona was born in Spain and supported our programs in 2015. He was part of the team to organize the "Conflict Transformation Beyond Borders 2015" summer institute. He worked as trainer in the refugee project in the Quito Mennonite Church, and participated as border researcher for the preparation of the document "Redes de Migrantes y Refugiados en Ecuador: Un Estudio De Quito, Lago Agrio, y Esmeraldas", ellaborated by Jeff Pugh. 

Liz web.png


Liz Valverde Bartlett is from the U.S. and currently lives in Quito, she was our Program Assistant in 2016. She has a master's degree in Trauma, and developed a workshop on the same subject for refugees from the support program for the Quito Mennonite Church. Liz was also part of the "Conflict Transformation Beyond Borders 2016" summer institute staff. She trained children and adults on violence prevention as part of the project "Growing in Peace". 

Belén web.png


Belén Cáceres is ecuadorian and obtained her multilingual bachelor's degree in Business and International Trade at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador (PUCE). She has a master's degree in International Relations of the Americas from University College London (UCL), London, UK. She has been supporting CEMPROC since December 2016 as Voluntary Project Assistant. Belén hopes to contribute to the "Growing in Peace" program for the reduction of child violence and bullying.  





Participate in our projects!



Our lives make sense when we make the world a better place. Even small actions can radically change the lives of other people. We want to offer you the opportunity to improve the lives of hundreds of children with limited resources and their families, who want to see in you a role model...

CEMPROC welcomes applications for internships; as a small nonprofit organization, we certainly can use help! As a small organization with a targeted mission, however, we also have rather specific needs, and in order to enhance the partnership experience for both the intern and us, we ask that applicants review the position description below, which includes requirements and potential responsibilities. As an intern, you will support our projects and programs in diffusion of peace and conflict transformation we are currently working on. 
In this full-time unpaid position, lasting 3 months minimum (duration set by mutual agreement), the intern will assist with the operations and programs of CEMPROC in Ecuador. The intern’s responsibilities will be based on what the priorities are at the given time, but a representative list of responsibilities may include:

  • Assist with publicity of CEMPROC and its programs, including the creation of printed materials, electronic outreach, and media outreach
  • Perform research duties as directed by the Director for Ecuador in support of CEMPROC research projects, drafting papers or articles, conducting interviews, distributing surveys, or other needed tasks
  • Identify a research topic related to conflict resolution issues in Ecuador and design and implement a project to study this issue. Write an analytical paper which may be published in print and/or on the CEMPROC web site
  • Assist with logistics, preparation, and instruction of CEMPROC conflict resolution courses for various adult audiences
  • Lead or assist with CEMPROC programs for children under the supervision of the Director for Ecuador
  • Assist with developing new programs and educational materials, as well as with the planning and budgeting of these programs
  • Provide translation for special programs, and assist with written translations of educational material, proposals, correspondence, or other documents as needed
  • Develop grant project proposals, research appropriate funding sources (including foundations, government, INGOs, individuals, and others), and in consultation with the Director for Ecuador and the International Executive Director, prepare these proposals for submission and follow up afterward
  • Assist in any general organizational, administrative, or office tasks as needed and as delegated by the Director for Ecuador
  • Perform other program and administrative functions as needed and as assigned by the Director for Ecuador


  • Conversant in spoken and written Spanish (nearly all work will be done in Spanish, and some translation will be required)
  • Willingness to teach children and adults.
  • Willingness to travel and to do fieldwork if needed.
  • Good writing skills.
  • Self-initiative, cross-cultural sensitivity and competence, responsibility and diplomacy.
  • Sound administrative abilities, computer skills (word processing, spreadsheets, Internet, and e-mail at a minimum).
  • Strong sense of integrity and shared passion for CEMPROC’s vision of reducing destructive conflict and creating peacemakers through community-level training and services.


Our interns will gain knowledge and tools that can be useful in their different professional lives. 


In order to apply for an unpaid internship working with CEMPROC in Ecuador, please send a current resume or CV and a cover letter explaining your interest in working with us and how your experiences and education have prepared you to be able to carry out the type of responsibilities described above. Please also include the name and contact information of two people who can serve as references, attesting to your skills, qualifications, and character (no family members please). All of this should be sent together by e-mail to the following addresses:

cemproc@gmail.com     or 


Omar Rodríguez
Telf. +593 (02) 3301655

Homero Salas Oe5-95 y
Sector "La Concepción"
Quito - Ecuador